Art, Emotions, & Meditation

Blue Lotus Temple, Woodstock, IL 

How often do you check in with yourself and identify how you are feeling? When others ask, “How are you doing today?” do you know how you are feeling?

This workshop is for individuals who are interested in combining art and meditation to increase emotional-awareness. Through guided meditation and reflective art making, this transformative evening will tap into participants’ creative energy, helping them to identify and sit with their internal emotions. Participants will learn how to silence their inner critic by focusing on the process of creating art, rather than the visual aspects of the product. The workshop will introduce participants to an arts-based mindfulness practice that enhances moment-to-moment awareness, helping you to be more intentional in your relationships and day to day life.

Grounding Objects

Location: Grounded Wellness Center

Hoffman Estates, IL

 Grounding objects are objects that are typically distinguished by their smell, shape, weight, sound, or texture. They are any object that comforts an individual and helps them to remember that they are in the present moment. 

          Often grounding objects are more successful when they are created with intention and purpose.  This workshop will give you the opportunity to try out making three different types of objects.  The lavender sachet is distinguished by its smell, soft texture, and light weight. The painted rock is distinguished by its weight, smooth texture, and its uniquely painted image.  The mantra card is distinguished by its small size and individualized mantra statement.  The workshop will conclude with group sharing, giving you the opportunity to consider what you noticed and liked about each object.  An ending meditation will allow you to try using your object for grounding and increased mindfulness. You will walk away with as many of each object as you’d like to create! 

Natures Creations

Location: Misericordia

Chicago, IL 

How often do we notice the details around us? Do we see the unique pattern on the

leaves? Do we hear the bird chirping, the leaves rustling, and wind blowing?

Paying attention to our surroundings can help us be present in the moment, increasing our emotional wellbeing. Join Suzie on a mindfulness walk and art making where you will connect with nature and the world around you. Gather materials from outside, such as sticks and pinecones, and explore how

they can be used as creative paintbrushes and stamps. Or perhaps you might want to draw an

object you found on the walk… the possibilities are endless!

Envisioning the Summer

Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund

Chicago, IL

What better way to start off a program than getting intentional and making a vision board! 

The Envisioning the Summer workshop took place during the first week of a two-month

summer residential program for teen scholars. Participants were asked to create a vision

board that depicted either their goals for the summer program, or how the summer program fit

into a larger long-term goal, such as attending college. This is an example of a community arts

workshop that had therapeutic benefits by helping identify goals and facilitate community



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